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You can go into court at the very beginning of the case (or at any other time) to ask for an immediate order of alimony or child support, custody/visitation, or an award of assets if there are extraordinary circumstances. This order could remain in effect until the final judgement in the case.


What Happens if You Need Child Support, Alimony, or Family Assets Before Filing for Divorce?

Filing for divorce is a frightening yet powerful decision that will forever change your life. Like any significant life commitment, you must consider many factors before making a final choice. One common question frequently asked is, “What if I need money such as child support, alimony, or family assets at the beginning of the case?” Although your mind might be racing with other ideas and thoughts regarding the finalization of a potential divorce, this is a pressing question that cannot be ignored. Besides, you are going to want to do everything in your power to get the best possible outcome, especially when it comes to legal matters such as a divorce, and particularly if children are involved.


With this in mind, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed over the details of how your case may or may not be executed initially. The good news is that you can go into court at the very beginning of the case – or at any other time – to request an immediate order of alimony or child support, custody or visitation, or an award of assets in the event that there are extraordinary circumstances. This is a similar concept to temporary alimony. In the state of Florida, temporary alimony is when the law recognizes that a lower-earning spouse may need temporary financial support between the time the divorce is filed and the pending final order. In certain scenarios, an order of this kind could remain in effect until the final judgment in the case. To determine if you qualify, it is critical that you choose the right divorce attorney to represent you.


Luckily, Arnie Gruskin is an experienced divorce attorney who can assist you in achieving the results you are seeking during the course of your case. As a reputable divorce attorney for 41 years, Arnie is affordable, settles cases when possible, and will fight in court if needed. He can help with your divorce no matter where you live in Florida. In order to get the most desirable outcome before and during your case, hiring a divorce attorney such as Arnie Gruskin is your best bet. To get started, call 1-800-999-0119 today. Arnie will be happy to discuss your legal rights with you.


Although the times are changing, many of us rely on our spouse to provide financial assistance. If you need child support, alimony, or family assets before filing for divorce, don’t be afraid to ask a lawyer about your options. You can file for a divorce in Florida and ask to receive the spousal support that you’re used to receiving by enlisting the help of attorney Arnie Gruskin. He will fight for you whether you are looking to have a contested or uncontested divorce. It is Arnie’s goal to provide you with topnotch and effective services so that you receive the best possible resolution when it comes to your case. With his many years of experience, Arnie will listen to your concerns thoroughly in order to ensure you have all of your legal needs met. Don’t deny yourself of the future you deserve because you’re concerned about whether or not you’ll be able to afford a divorce because you won’t receive the financial support you’re accustomed to from your spouse. If you genuinely feel it is in your best interest to get a divorce, then it is a good idea to stay informed of your available legal rights. Contact Arnie today to learn more by calling 1-800-999-0119.

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