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If you’re in need of a Florida divorce, you’re in the right place. Here you will find a lot of great information about divorce and other family law matters such as paternity cases. There are two types of divorces: uncontested divorces, where everybody agrees on everything and everybody cooperates to get the matter over with, and contested divorces, where the parties simply cannot agree on things and the court has to decide the matters. An uncontested divorce is quick and inexpensive, and in fact does not even require a court appearance. In both a contested and uncontested divorce, the case is heard by the judge and not by a jury. Typically, a divorce in Florida involves division of assets, division of debts, child related issues such as a timesharing schedule and child support, and the possibility of alimony.

Divorce in Florida

Florida Divorce

Contested divorces are typically lengthy, more costly, and more aggravating than uncontested divorces. And court appearances may be required, either in person at the courthouse or via video conference such as zoom. So it is greatly to each party’s benefit to try to settle their case without having to incur the expense and time of a contested divorce.

Another situation that comes along sometimes in a Florida divorce is a paternity case. This is where the parties are not married but they have a child or children. Typically, the issues in a paternity case are 1) whether the man is in fact the biological father, (the parties can either agree that he is or there can be DNA testing), 2) how much time each parent is going to get to spend with the child, and 3) how much child support a party needs to pay. As with contested and uncontested divorces, the case is heard by the judge and not by a jury.

Florida Divorce

Divorce in Florida

The articles on the site were written by Attorney Arnie Gruskin who is a 43-year Florida divorce attorney, and who is available to represent you. No matter where you live in Florida, Mr. Gruskin can assist you with an uncontested divorce. And he can assist you with a contested divorce depending on the location. He does all of the court filing for you and it is a very simple process. Telephone consultations are free. (Call 1-800-999-0119). You may also email your Florida divorce questions to [email protected], and the response is free. Mr. Gruskin began his legal career as a state court prosecutor handling the most serious of cases. He also practiced criminal defense law handling the most serious of offenses.

Divorce in Florida

Florida Divorces

This site also contains valuable information about appeals of divorce case decisions by a judge, as well as how the mediation process works. Mediation is an excellent tool to get a case settled in order to avoid an expensive trial and other proceedings. There is also valuable information on this site about domestic violence matters where people seek restraining orders to keep someone away from them in the event of violence, attempted violence, threats, and the like. There is also an extensive discussion about why people should use Florida divorce attorneys and not try to represent themselves in a Florida divorce.

Florida Divorce Attorney

Online Divorce Florida

Mr. Gruskin also prepares prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. The great benefit of having a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement is that you are defining in advance what will happen if you end up in Florida divorce court. This of course will save lots of time and money because the judge may not have to decide anything as the parties have already decided in advance how they want things to be handled in the event of divorce. Prenuptial or postnuptial agreements are like fire insurance, no one likes to pay the premium, but everybody’s happy they have it if there’s a fire.

Divorce Attorneys Florida

Florida Divorce

On this site you will find a great deal of easy-to-understand legal information about Florida divorce (dissolution of marriage) and paternity matters written by divorce attorney Arnie Gruskin.

Mr. Gruskin is a 43-year Florida licensed attorney who you may choose to contact for legal representation. No matter where you live in Florida, Mr Gruskin can help on your uncontested divorce.

These no court appearance, uncontested divorce services can save you money. So no matter where you live in Florida, you can send an email to Mr. Gruskin at [email protected] at no charge. Feel free to ask your question or to discuss retaining him. Also, feel free to call him at 1-800-999-0119

Mr. Gruskin is a former prosecutor and public defender. He is also a licensed pilot. Mr. Gruskin's goal is to get a fair settlement for his client, and avoid big fees. But he fights hard in court if the case requires it.

So no matter where you live in Florida, take a look around the site, and take advantage of the wealth of information about Florida divorce and family law matters. And also take advantage of the opportunity to email your Florida divorce questions to Attorney Arnie Gruskin.



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