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Welcome to

On this site you will find a great deal of easy to understand legal information about Florida divorce (dissolution of marriage) and paternity matters written by divorce attorney Arnie Gruskin.

Mr. Gruskin is a thirty three year Florida licensed attorney who you may choose to contact for legal representation. Whether you live in South Florida or anywhere in Florida, Mr Gruskin can help on uncontested or contested divorces.

Attorney Gruskin can also provide full legal representation, including Court representation on a contested or uncontested divorce in Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade. And no matter where you live in Florida, he can secure for you an uncontested divorce, without you having to appear in Court. Click here for Florida Divorce Pricing

These no court appearance, uncontested divorce services can save you money. So no matter where you live, click here to Email Florida Divorce Questions to Mr. Gruskin at no charge, or to discuss retaining him.

Initial office or phone consultations are usually free for south Florida matters. (Free initial office consultations are 1/2 hour) Mr. Gruskin is available for in person consultations in Broward and in Palm Beach and Miami-Dade County*.

And no matter where you live, you can call him at 1-800-NOW DIVORCE to discuss his uncontested divorce services, and contested or uncontested divorce representation in south Florida.

Mr. Gruskin is a former prosecutor and public defender. He is also a licensed pilot. Mr. Gruskin's goal is to get a fair settlement for his client, and avoid big fees. But he fights hard in Court if the case requires it.

So no matter where you live in Florida, take a look around the site. And take advantage of the wealth of information about Florida divorce and family law matters. And also take advantage of the opportunity to Email Florida Divorce Questions to the Attorney.

Recent Reviews

You may not obtain the same or similar results that the following clients received.

  • Excellent Job, fast and not expensive
    Image by , Written on September 24, 2016
    I needed an uncontested divorce. I contacted the attorney and he walked me through the process and emailed me the paperwork to fill in. When I was done I emailed it back and after approximately 40 days there was a court hearing and that was it. It was pretty simple.…

  • Great Attorney
    Image by , Written on October 24, 2017
    Mr Gruskin did a great job for me. He is very knowledgeable with Florida state law. There are two professional characteristics that I liked about Mr. Gruskin. First, he able had made time for me and my questions. Even with a large case load he still gave me the attention…

  • Very good services
    Image by , Written on May 07, 2015
    I was looking for something affordable and reliable. Many people I ocntacted were over my budget and required too much paperwork and appointments. Found Mr. Gruskin in the web, Contacted him and within a week all my paperwork was completed at an excellent price. Thirty days later I had completed…

  • no hassle divorce
    Image by , Written on December 28, 2017
    Wasnt sure about this whole on line, no court appearance divorce at first but thought I would try it. So glad I did! Mr. Gruskin came through for me and handled everything like he said he would. Would definitely recommend going this route, was so simple.

  • Excellent job in filing my divorce
    Image by , Written on March 21, 2018
    Arnie prepared my divorce in a professional manner and in a timely fashion. The system he utilizes is straight forward and easy to follow. I would highly recommend Mr Gruskin if you are considering divorce. Also his cost is very reasonable and affordable.

  • Professionalism through my worst.
    Image by , Written on August 06, 2017
    Mr. Gruskin I can t thank you enough for the way you handled my divorce with such care and professionalism. This was and is never an easy thing to go through and at times I got short tempered with you Mr. Gruskin and I apologized but you were clutch in…

  • As advertised
    Image by , Written on December 12, 2016
    Attorney Gruskin was direct and a great help throughout my uncontested divorce. While attorneys should not be cheap, the whole process cost me less than missing work would have. All paperwork was deliverd fast, all questions answered timely and other than me chasing down my ex to get her to…

  • As Advertised
    Image by , Written on December 18, 2016
    I worked with Arnie Gruskin on a divorce. The process was as described on his website. We talked over the phone for our consultation. He alerted me to some legal ramifications of my case. The divorce documents were drawn up, we reviewed and adjusted, then they were filed. I was…

  • Divorce
    Image by , Written on February 15, 2018
    Mr Gruskin (Arnie) made this process smooth and painless. He contacted me several times via telephone to review the process, sent regular, polite reminders to upload my documents, answered the phone promptly when I had questions, gave very clear written instructions, notified me immediately of anything I missed or did…

  • Made my Divorce quick and simple!
    Image by , Written on March 22, 2015
    Mr. Gruskin made my divorce quick and simple. He walked me through every step and helped whenever I didn't fully understand something. He was honest when he informed me of what I should expect during the preparation and during the court hearing. He's knowledgable and always on top of the…

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The information on this site is about Florida alimony, alimony modification, child support and timesharing (formerly called custody and visitation) child support and timesharing modification, contempt and remedies for failure to pay court ordered child support or alimony, division of property and debt in a Florida divorce, and the possiblity of having your spouse pay for your attorney fees and the cost of the divorce.

There is also alot of information on this site about Florida prenuptial and postnuptial agreements and Florida divorce appeals, and paternity matters. (paternity matters concern a situation where the parties are not married but have a child together, and timesharing and child support matters must be addressed.) Also included is information about domestic violence, and mediation of divorce issues.

We also address the difference between a Florida uncontested divorce and a Florida contested divorce. Included is information about pricing for a "no court appearance required" Florida divorce . There is a great deal of information about why you should use a lawyer in your Florida divorce. And we discuss the process of a divorce.

You may contact attorney Gruskin anytime at 1-800-NOW DIVORCE to schedule a consultation, and you may also wish to take advantage of our selection of free Florida divorce forms on this site.