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There are numerous websites that offer to prepare your court required Florida divorce paperwork for extremely low prices. (make sure they don't just put your name on some papers and little else. Even assuming that they are the correct court required documents, you may have to figure the entire court process out by yourself, do everything, and attend court a couple of times. So the low price may not be worth much.) But are Florida divorces as simple as just filling out a form? Usually not. Having the wrong language in your Florida divorce paperwork or leaving out important language can lead to bad results and unnecessary expense later on. Is it a good idea to use these document preparation services? Only you can decide. Consider the following questions you might ask about these services.

  • Is a lawyer involved, or is one of the most important matters of my life being handled by an out of state person or others who are not permitted to practice law and who have little understanding of Florida divorce law?

  • Or worse yet, is your matter being handled by a website computer program? Your case is unique and should be handled accordingly.

  • Even if a Florida lawyer owns the service, are they the ones who actually handle your case?

  • Do you get an actual office or phone conference with the attorney where the attorney gets an in depth understanding of your matter and answers your questions, advises you of your rights and responsibilities, raises issues that you haven't considered, and gives you recommendations for going forward?

  • Is the Florida divorce document preparation service rushing to get your case over with because they are charging so little?
  • Attorney Arnie Gruskin has been practicing law in Florida for more than thirty years. He can help no matter where you live in Florida. If your case is contested and is in south Florida, he can provide you full representation where he attends court with you and prepares all divorce court required documents.And no matter where in Florida you live, Mr Gruskin can secure for you an uncontested divorce, without you having to appear in Court. Either way your case will receive the attention it deserves at a fair, reasonable price. Click here for more information about why you should consider using a Florida Divorce Attorney

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