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What if I don’t have money for an attorney to represent me?

It’s possible that Legal Aid or similar organization can represent you if you financially qualify. Also, the Court can make your spouse pay your lawyer fees. If your spouse earns alot more than you and you cannot afford to pay a lawyer the court may award you attorney fees.You can ask an attorney if they take your case and wait to be paid by your spouse if the Court orders that.

But if you have money for a lawyer, although your money may be less than your spouse’s, the attorney is unlikely to wait and hope that your spouse is ordered to pay your fees. You might not get such an order if you have your own money to pay your own fees. Additionally, lawyers like everyone else may not want to work unless they get paid right away. A lawyer may agree to wait for their money if there’s assets that they can put a lien on. ( or if your spouse has a jobjob with a big salary and you have little to no money for fees)

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