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In today’s economy people want to do whatever they can to save money on the Florida divorce process and that is understandable. But there may be a big downside on not using a Broward divorce attorney. Unfortunately, there are companies on the internet that make you believe that a Broward divorce with children is something that can be accomplished for $195.00 or some other ridiculously low price. There is nothing wrong with having an attorney prepare your court required documents but not attend court with you. That can save you money because you would file the papers on your own and go to Court on your own.

But some of these internet services are simply untrained non-lawyers who are attempting to practice law, and that is prohibited. (and even if a lawyer owns or runs the service, make sure that you get to discuss your case with them for a meaningful period of time, that they personally prepare your documents, and that you can ask questions of them as your matter progresses) These services want you to believe that all that needs to be done is to have boxes checked off in a form. Nothing could be further from reality.

It is true that if there are no children involved and it is a short term marriage where there is absolutely no property to divide or debt involved, etc., that it is a pretty simple process which can be done for a minimal amount of money. The problem with doing your own Broward divorce or having an untrained person check off boxes in the divorce forms is that if something is missed or something is left out of the paperwork, it can be a very big problem after the divorce. Untrained non lawyers aren’t likely to be able to ask the questions which may be important to your case. And if you do not know your rights and responsibilities as explained to you by a Broward divorce attorney after they ask a series of questions, it is difficult if not impossible to make a good deal for yourself. .

If the proper language is not used in Florida divorce papers, you may not be able to get a benefit that you think you are entitled to. Or if the language is vague or incorrect, the Judge may rule against you in a future dispute. Sometimes lawyers think of issues that the parties themselves have not thought about. And Broward divorce lawyers know what language to use in the paperwork inorder to bring about the result which is sought. Experienced Broward divorce lawyers also ask probing questions which can reveal important issues that can help a party.

In the long run it may be less expensive to use a lawyer than to risk losing a valuable benefit that you either didn’t know about or attempted to obtain but could not because the papers were drafted poorly. It may also not be worth the time and aggravation that it will take to try and figure out the entire divorce process on your own. It takes years of experience to learn the subtleties of the law and the legal process, and to know how to draft the paperwork correctly. It also takes years of legal training to go into a courtroom and properly present a case. While you may have a terrific case, if you do not know the rules of evidence you may not get a chance to present your case because the Judge will hold you to the same standard as a lawyer in terms of the rules. .

Not only is a Broward divorce lawyer trained with regard to the rules of the Court and the statutes and laws, but they also are familiar with the appeals court decisions on the finer points of the legal process , and the statutes and laws. (and those decisions may be used by your judge to rule on your case) If you want your best chance to obtain the benefits that you are entitled to under the law, you should seriously consider using a Broward divorce attorney. It should be noted that if a party does not have adequate funds to hire a lawyer and their spouse has the financial means to pay for that parties’ attorney’s fees, or at least pay for part of them, then the Court may order that the spouse with the means contribute to the other parties’ attorney’s fees.

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