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Are you wondering how to protect your kids in a divorce? 

First... make sure you have a good lawyer! 

Second... remember, if both parties can’t decide on a timesharing schedule, the judge will decide for you. 

In some cases, when the parents can’t decide what to do with the kids, the judge will appoint a Parenting Coordinator or even a "Guardian at Leidum." 

To protect your kids more, consider counseling for them. Don’t let them see you fight about your divorce in front of the kitchen table, especially if it’s a firey debate.

And most importantly, don’t talk down about the other parent in front of kids. 

Finally, if your spouse is violent, I can help get a court order for them to be “ejected” from your home. This is called a “Stay Away Order” and it can be helpful in extreme situations.

Keep in mind, you have a legal right to see your kids. Your lawyer protects that right for you.

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Attorney Arnie Gruskin