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What's a "no court" Florida Divorce? It's where you are still divorced, but you never have to meet the judge. Isn’t that nice...

Sometimes you don’t have to meet me in person either.

This is because I handle so many uncontested divorces by phone and email. I also hired computer programmers to create systems for us to make both of our lives easier during the process.

If you don’t have an agreement with your spouse, you can click here to learn about a contested divorce. You can hire me for that too, if they won’t settle with you. They cost a little more and you have to go to court, but it's probably the only option if you can't agree on all the issues together.

Otherwise, if you have an agreement with your spouse, I’ll send your paperwork for a special process that only I use, which is much more efficient than what other lawyers do.

In about 30 days after filing all documents with the court, you can be fully divorced.

After that, you can be happier and more fulfilled with your new life.

What will you do with the free time you save? See your kids more? Earn more money in a new career?

Pick up the phone and give me a call now, so we can get the ball rolling! You can pay by phone right now or click here to start online.

I look forward to working with you.

P.S. Be careful of other companies that use employees who are not lawyers. I’ve been a Florida Lawyer for 35+ years and have hundreds of happy clients and many satisfied client reviews you can read here.

All the best,

Attorney Arnie Gruskin


“Mr. Gruskin…walked me through every step and helped whenever I didn't fully understand something. He was honest when he informed me of what I should expect during the preparation and during the court hearing.”

-Tiffany, Florida

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