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You can go to court to get an order granting you timesharing with your kids

Someone can be held in contempt for not honoring a Court’s timesharing order. If someone disobeys temporary timesharing orders, that can be considered when the Judge determines the parties “permanent” timesharing right.

The Florida law also talks about parenting coordination. That is to have a mechanism to resolve disputes where a parenting coordinator helps the parties put together a parenting plan by helping settle arguments between the paries by making reccomendations, providing education, and with prior approval of the parties and the Judge, making limited decisions as allowed by the Judge.

In a case where an order or judgment is sought or entered establishing. adopting or modifying a parenting plan, (with the exception if some domestic violence matters) and byagreement of the parents, or motion of a party or the Judge’s motion , the Judge can appoint a parenting coordinator and have the parties go to parenting coordination to help in the solving of disputes about the parenting plan. The Judge will decide how the fees and costs for parenting coordination will be divided between the parents. The Judge can’t order the parents to parenting coordination absent their agreement unless the Court decides that the parents have the financial ability to pay the parenting coordination costs and fees.

Parenting plans are required. They are a written, and control the relationship between the parties regarding decisions that need to be made about the children. They have to have a time sharing schedule for the child and parents. The issues aboput the minor children can include but not be limited to the children’s health care, education, and physical, emotional and social heath. The parenting plan must be agreed to and developed by the parties and approved by the Judge, or established by the Judge if the parents can’t come to terms on a plan. (or the parties agreed on a plan which isn’t accepted by the Judge)

A parenting plan reccomendation is a reccomendation about the elements of a parenting plan made by a court appointed mental health expert or professional named by the law. In a case where the parenting plan is in dispute because the parties can’t agree, the Judge can require a social investigation and study, The staff, agency or person doing the investigation can give the Judge and parents a study which has reccomendations.

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