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Once alimony, child support or timesharing with kids is set, how do I get it changed or modified in Florida?

Typically you have to show a “substantial change in circumstances” before support amounts can be changed. (Bridge the gap alimony is not modifiable as to amount or duration. Rehabilitative Alimony can also be modified upon non compliance with the rehabilitative plan, or completion of the plan) For example if your spouse’s income has increased alot, or your financial situation or income has changed alot you may be able to get a modification. But note that you don’t get more alimony money just because your former spouse gets a big pay raise. You have to have need for additional support. (It should be noted that you may get increased child support in Florida just by showing that your former spouse got a big raise)

It should also be noted that where alimony is terminable upon re-marriage, that a court may reduce or terminate the alimony when the recipient is residing with someone in a “supportive” relationship. There are many statutory reasons that a court must consider in determining if a “supportive” relationship exists. One factor is if the couple present themselves as husband and wife. The court will also look at how they conduct their financial life.

A requested change of visitation/timesharing regarding children will usually require a substantial change in circumstances.

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