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How can I move to another geographic area with my kids?

Relocation is a move of more than fifty miles for sixty consecutive days or more. Parties can agree to the relocation. If the parties cannot agree, the party asking for relocation with the children must file a petition with the court. The petition must be  as per the statute and with the information the law requires. The other party must meet the deadline for filing a response to the petition. (and there are statutory rules for the objection to the petition) . You may be subject to a contempt of court ruling, an order for return of the child, and other consequences if you relocate the kids without following the notice and other requirements of the law.

Before the final decision in the case, the judge can temporarily prohibit a party from relocating with the children, or the judge can permit the relocation on a temporary basis. In looking at a request for either permanent or temporary relocation, there are a number of factors which the judge has to consider when making a decision about whether the relocation is or is not in the best interest of the kids. If relocation is allowed, the judge can order contact with the party who is not relocating, such as timesharing, web, webcam, phone, access and other means which will guarantee meaningful and frequent contact with the party who is not relocating. The judge will also decide how transportation costs will be apportioned between the parties.

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