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Greetings!  Here are my Top 7 Attorney Tips for helping make your Florida Divorce go smoothly.

If you have an agreement with your spouse…

  1. Make sure at least one of the parties has been a Florida Resident for the past 6 months
  2. If you have an agreement with your spouse on all issues, let me know. Please include property and debt issues, child issues, and whether or not there will be alimony.
  3. Inform your spouse of your financial circumstances by providing a financial affidavit. (We can do this one together and I’ll walk you through it.)
  4. If you have children, complete a parenting plan concerning timesharing, with the help of your lawyer.
  5. Attend a children and divorce seminar online. Your spouse doesn’t have to attend with you.
  6. Sign and return your documents to me.
  7. Wait for final judgement for Dissolution of Marriage (your legal divorce).

If you don’t have an agreement with your spouse…

  1. Make sure one of the parties has been a Florida Resident for the past 6 months.
  2. Advise your lawyer on all topics you disagree with your spouse (money, property, debt, children, alimony, etc.).
  3. Gather all financial documents that the court rules require. We will need to share these later with your spouse.
  4. Decide with your lawyer what resolution you'd like for financial issues (how to split money, assets, property, debt, alimony, etc.).
  5. Tell me what you’d like to see in terms of timesharing with your children (i.e. visitation/custody).
  6. Assist lawyer in investigation of financial and child related issues. Continue negotiations with spouse as long as you are not in danger and it won’t aggravate the situation. You can still settle the situation at any time if you and your spouse can come to an agreement on all issues.
  7. Attend mediation. If you can settle at mediation, you’ll be divorced very soon. If not, you’ll go to trial, so a judge can help you.


If you have more questions, you can book a free Q&A about your case.

Best Regards,
Attorney Arnie Gruskin


About me
  • I've been practicing law in Florida for almost 40 years!
  • I am a father of two, licensed pilot, technology enthusiast, and like helping people get their cases completed quickly.
  • I like using technology and the internet to keep us both out of court. That makes things so much faster and easier for both of us.

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