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There are two types of Broward divorces, contested and uncontested. Uncontested means that the parties agree on all issues and there is nothing left for the judge to decide. Contested means that there are one or more issues the parties cannot come to agreement on, and therefore the judge needs to have a trial. Broward divorces are heard in front of a Judge without a jury. The issues typically involve division of property, division of debt child-support and timesharing (visitation) and whether or not there will be alimony. In Florida we no longer use the words custody or visitation with regard to child related issues.

Needless to say, uncontested divorces are much less expensive and time-consuming than contested divorces. The parties will save a lot of time, money and aggravation to work out as many issues as they can between themselves. The parties may want to sit down with each other or communicate even by e-mail to discuss their matters. They may need to do this Over the course of several sessions so that everyone can get over their emotions and get down to business.

Each party needs to understand that they are not running the show, but that the judge will run the show . And each needs to understand that things can be done the easy way (i.e. both parties compromise so the case can get over with) or the hard, expensive way where the judge has to decide the case. But if you approach your spouse to discuss the issues and your spouse uses this as an opportunity to harass you, or ignore what you are saying, it is probably best to leave the negotiating to your attorney.

If you can reach an agreement with your spouse on the issues of your Broward divorce case, the attorney can write up a marital settlement agreement, which will become part of the judgment in your case. There will then be a very brief hearing where your matter will be concluded. The judge will sign a final judgment of dissolution of marriage which incorporates your settlement agreement, and you will be order to abide by its terms.

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