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Choosing A Florida Divorce Lawyer

Your first goal should be to find a Florida divorce lawyer who has experience with your particular problem. If you expect a big battle regarding timesharing with the children, or a dispute over a family business, you don't want someone who dabbles in divorce work. If your budget permits, you want someone well versed in the areas of your dispute. If it does not, at least retain a competent attorney who devotes substantial time to family law matters. Do not be afraid to ask questions. If you do not feel comfortable with the lawyer, they may not be for you.

In many instances you do not need a high priced specialist, but it is suggested that you choose someone who keeps up with the constant changes in the Statutes, Florida Supreme Court rulings and rules, as well as Appellate Court decisions. You may also want to clarify before hiring an attorney that they have substantial courtroom experience, as it is often difficult to know in advance if a case will proceed to trial or not. (divorce cases are tried before the Judge, i.e. with no jury, in Florida).