• I saw this guy's ad on TV and decided, for the price, I would give it a try. Very happy I did. I saved a lot of money and more importantly, I saved a huge amount of time. I was able to do the entire divorce on the computer sending emails and uploading files. They sent me all the paperwork to fill out. I met with my ex, we signed all the paperwork, got it notarized, uploaded it to his website. A few weeks later, BOOM, the divorce was finalized. His office staff was extremely helpful and responsive. Any question or inquiry I had was always answered within 1-2 business days. If you are in the unfortunate, or fortunate, situation where you need a divorce, give these guys a call. You will not regret it. I'm hoping this is a 1 time deal for me!!!
  • I was skeptical about doing my divorce online, but attorney Gruskin and his legal team made everything easy and a smooth process and very professional from start to finish. I Would recommend them.
  • Mr Arnie Gruskin and his team are super professional. He was very respectful and responsive and understanding to all of my needs and concerns. Even while I was away in the service Mr.Gruskin worked diligently on my case. Even the opposition my case threw his way, he knew what to do. Thank you Mr.Arnie and your amazing team.
  • The service from Florida Divorce was great and easy to do. They help you every step of the way and its all done online. No need for court appearances. Definitely worth the price in that regard.